Detect Issue changes on a board from Issue Context app

I have an app that uses the Issue Context module, and needs to use information from the current Issue.
With the previous old webPanel in atl.jira.view.issue.right.context, I just fetched the Issue data form the AP.context on load.
With the not-so-old Issue Glance I used the event ISSUE_GLANCE_OPENED.
We are now told that we should fetch relevant data on load.

But… when viewing a kanban, backlog or any board, the new Issue Context panel for my app is not reloaded when the issue changes. So the user is left with stale data on the app.

How can we detect or respond to Issue changes on a board from within an Issue Context?
Not even the data from AP.context.getContext() is updated…

Thanks for flagging this @martin.peverelli and for raising it with our support team as well.

I can see that a fix has been released and is currently getting deployed to all apps and customers.

For the benefit of others let me share the ticket to follow for the fix to be made available to all apps: [JRACLOUD-80904] Context panels (replacing glance panels) do not correctly reload the iframe when using the back button or switching between tickets in backlogs - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products.