Detecting next-gen projects from project endpoint

I recently ran into some issues with. my app when a client was using a next-gen project type. I’ve resolved a few issues (such as epic name missing, epic link now parent) but I’d like to know if a project is next gen for other decisions the app needs to make.

This article says a “style” property was planned:

However, it doesn’t seem to have been added. I can see a “simplified” field that seems to correlate with next gen projects, but I can’t seem to find confirmation.

Can anyone confirm that is the flag I should use?



We may run into the same issue. The style attribute is only available when you request it using the project REST API and not on the issues. I’m not sure about Jira expressions

//not working on Jira Issue Result

//working on project Rest Request
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Hi, I am facing the same issue.

As per documentation, field should be available in issues field.
API doc

Hi there. Any updates on this?


We currently use Jira Expressions where you can access the project using issue.project. This property does contain the needed style property.