[DEV] Migrate Jira Cloud plugin to another server

In the process of developing a Cloud plug-in, which is now published on the Marketplace, it became necessary to move it to another virtual server. The domain remains the same, and the functionality has not changed significantly.

What’s necessary to consider for this operation from Marketplace standpoint? I mean, domain migration takes some time and it could be downtime for users. How we can prevent our users from that? Can we change domain name for our application, so we’ll be sure that everything is working and there is no need for our users to wait?

Thank you. Best regards, Igor

Hi @piskunovigorm.

I don’t know if I got it right, but I don’t think that’s a problem. Let’s say you setup the new virtual server. From that moment, you go to your DNS management portal and change it to your new VM. Even if the DNS takes some time to propagate, your users will be redirected to your old instance instead of the new one.
Since you do not turn off your old instance until your DNS is completely propagated, I think you’ll be fine.

Hi @luis.gomes. We finished migration about 7 days ago. Anyway I’ll mark you message as a solution.