Developing a REST service plugin issue


I have been trying to follow this tutorial in regards to developing a REST-plugin (
But it seems like i don’t get anything back from the REST API Browser.

I have been trying with the correct base-url (we did this by adding --server flag on atlas-run). The network and console didn’t get any errors, and i tried to reproduce the guide as mentioned step by step by the tutorial. Would really appreciate some help!

Thanks in advance,

Could link your atlassian-plugin.xml and your rest resource java class? Also dumb question maybe, but is your app actually enabled if you look in the UPM (manage apps screen)?

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Hello again!
I made it work by starting the refApp in confluence server, which made it work!

Nice. I will just point out that I think you’ve slightly confused your terminology here. You probably started Confluence instead of the RefApp. The RefApp is like a barebones model of an Atlassian product which supports the plugin system, but doesn’t have any actual features like Confluence or Jira, etc. So if you started Confluence then you actually aren’t using the RefApp in any capacity at all.