Developing integrations with Site Import to Cloud: small user development instance no longer eligible for import

Hi all,

We’re developing ways to integrate some Easy Agile apps with Jira’s Site Import to support our customers who are migrating from Server to Cloud. It’s effectively a Site Backup + Site Import for our apps that’s designed to be paired with a Backup+Import of Jira.

However, since the instances we’re using for development are small (<1000 users, usually <10), we can no longer do a Jira Backup+Import as of ~Feb:

From February 1, 2022, we’ll discontinue server to cloud migrations using Site Import depending on the number of users you’re looking to migrate.

I know that customers on smaller instances like ours looking to migrate should use JCMA. However, in order to support our >1000-user customers, we want to run Site Imports on Jira Cloud development instances so that we can test our matching app Imports and guarantee this “integration” will work for our larger customers.

Atlassian, is there a means of enabling Site Import for small instances for development purposes? We want to enable our shared customers in their move to Jira Cloud.

Henri Seymour, Developer @ Easy Agile