Developing jira plugins


Anyone please advice, how can I start to develop jira plugins, create custom fields in a form of repeating tables, do some calculations, connect with DB, etc… there are many plugins that cover each of the issues separately, I didn’t find a plugin that would cover all of the issues we face. So I would like to start developing my own plugin for covering the problems I face.

Thanks in advance

Hi @m.hamamjyan,

My advise for all novel app developers:

  1. install the Atlassian SDK
  2. run the atlas-create-*-plugin command
  3. inspect the code it creates and conclude that it is A) very limited and B) confusing
  4. read the documentation
  5. conclude that the documentation is either outdated, missing or confusing
  6. download the Jira source code and code by example with lots of trial & error
  7. Use Google, try again, make mistakes, be very frustrated, try again, try again, try again
  8. ask questions on this forum

If you’ve managed to persist for longer periods and not decided to either stop developing apps for Atlassian products or stop using Atlassian products at all, then you are on the right track to become an app developer for Atlassian Server products!