Development app works fine but doesnt work at all in production

I have a simple Jira app comprising a Project Settings Page and a Jira IssueAction.

In Development the 3 TextFields on the Project Settings Page display correctly and the IssueAction renders a ModalDialog.

In Prroduction, the Project Settings Page is blank, no errors are displayed and the IssueAction displays “An error occurred while trying to load this app.”

How am I supposed to debug this?

The below assumes you’re making a Forge app.

That’s very interesting.

Has the same code been deployed for both development and production? How does the staging environment fair?

If you’re running the same version in all three versions and only development is working the final suggestion would be to create a new site and try installing there. Perhaps there’s some initialisation that wasn’t done.

Let me know if the above does not help.