Development strategy about implementing a plugin and add on for Jira Server and Jira Cloud

We have a large common customer base, and a big ask from our customers is to have an addon solution in Jira itself. As most of the customers are enterprise, and running on-prem Jira. We started our development with a plugin based on Plugin-2 for Jira server first and later have the same capability of the plugin for addon in Jira Cloud.

What we would like to know about the strategy that can help us to reduce the amount of code rewrite. For the plugin, we’d decided to go with webwork module route that allows us to inject our views in the plugin. These are these two open question-

  1. Should we have our views displayed in the iframe and later that results in the view in the webwork? It minimizes the code write and servers repurposing the view code. What I’m not sure, about any limitation the plugin-2 might be enforcing related to the iframe that we couldn’t figure out.
  2. Should we have our views rendered on the client-side through the APIs to our server?

Let us know.

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EDIT: This particular issue was resolved, however our above question is still pending :slight_smile:

Hi there,
I’m also a part of this team and we encountered another, larger issue that has created a roadblock in using your REST module for our Jira plugin. Despite not being listed in our pom.xml file as a dependency, atlassian-rest-doclet was searched for being maven to include as part of the module and could not be found. As I understand it, maven first looked in my local environment for the package, was unable to find it, and then went to maven’s online repository to look for it. However, it is not even listed in the repository anymore. Because the package is not even listed anywhere in my code, I have no current way of figuring out how to solve the issue or even run/test my plugin’s REST module.

Question: Do you know how this can be solved, or could you perhaps provide some guidance on how to work around the package so that it is not required as part of running our plugin, as it appears that the package is obsolete for the REST module as of now?
Below you’ll find the particular message we were given regarding the package. Please let me know if you need any more context or information about the plugin project.

The error that was thrown was the following upon attempting atlas-run for our plugin:
[ ERROR ] Failed to execute goal com.atlassian.maven.plugins:jira-maven-plugin:8.0.2:generate-rest-docs (default-generate-rest-docs) on project jira-plugin: An error has occurred in Javadoc report generation: Unable to resolve artifact:groupId = '’

[ ERROR ] artifactId = 'atlassian-rest-doclet’

[ ERROR ] version = ‘2.9.2’ : Could not find artifact in central (

I would suggest reasking your question as a separate topic - that way it’s not “hidden” away from folks that are just perusing the topic list. :slight_smile:

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