DEVHELP is escalated to CONFCLOUD (or whatever) and I lose access to my DEVHELP ticket

I have been losing access to my DEVHELP tickets. I suspect it happens to a ticket that is escalated via an Atlassian bug record. Is that right?

I created DEVHELP-3952 but I can’t access it.

If I’m right about that could the process be changed to maintain our access forever?


@TureHoefner - what’s probably happening is that you’re logged in with a different account than the one you filed the ticket under. Try accessing 3952 now… I’ve added your other TureHoefner account as a participant.

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I can’t see this one:
I know that I used to access the dev help desk w/ the user that I used to create that ticket and I can’t see it… I also don’t see any of my requests under the “Requests” button at the help desk.