Dialog Modal window

The deprecated dialog 1 modal window is able to target a defined web-panel for a Connect add on and display across the entire Jira window without issue.
In trying to implement a new Dialog2 modal and following the example laid out in the documentation, the dialog window shows within the add on iframe web panel and I am unable to figure out how to either have it shown across the entire window or target a web-panel as I did with the deprecated Dialog version.
Is there a way of doing this with the Dialog2 api?

Hey @brian.kelley, i think it’s better to use [dialog]
(https://developer.atlassian.com/static/connect/docs/latest/modules/common/dialog.html) from common modules, which will be displayed across the entire Jira window, you just need to style it according to your needs.
Also as i know it’s not possible to open Dialog2 outside of an iframe, at least i didn’t manage to solve this :slight_smile:

Yeah without an answer to this that was my plan but it seems strange to work with a deprecated module without a path forward post removal from Jira code?