Dialog size for jira:IssueAction

I have defined a new Jira:issueAction without viewPortSize property.

    - key: my-issue-action
      resource: action-resource
        function: action-resolver
      title: Test Me

No matter what I have done, it always opens with a specific size. I have removed all the code and set height and width in index.html or on the “div” of react app (it is just a div with specific width and height, nothing else). Even this doesn’t help. Higher above the iframe, it is set to 600x670, as shown in the screenshot. Forge CLI version is 4.1.1. Do you have any idea about what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks a lot

Hi @denizoguz
Viewport size property allows you to define the size of the modal 'small' , 'medium' , 'large' or 'xlarge'

Hi @ImranParvez ,

I have tried the viewport size option, but they are causing very large panel widths. I need a portrait panel, narrow but tall. According to documentation, if you omit “viewPortSize” property, it should auto-size based on content. I should be missing something because it is not working. It always opens the panel based on a fixed size.