Different module counts for same addon version

Customer of our addon installed marketplace version but available modules have not the same count like same addon in same version at our enviroments.

New version solves bug. In this version we added another component-import so available modules should be the same in our environment and customer enviroment.

In customer environment i see new version with old count of available modules and same problem.

To make sure I installed the confluence version of customer environment and addon version but i could reconstruct problem.

Does anyone have proposed solutions?

It would be best to determine which modules are missing yes? That may lead you to the answer. I only have seen this problem with Pocketknife Dynamic Fragments running on Datacenter (Multiple nodes).

It’s was component import which has been missed. We fixed this component import but this import was not in list of modules but version changed. Customer has server version of Confluence.

Apologies, I missed that in your post. I am only familiar with SpringScanner, so I think I am not going to be able to help here. Sorry!