Difficulties with building consistent UI/UX for Jira Cloud + Atlassian Connect

I am developing an app for Jira Cloud (using Connect, of course).

I was working with various web item locations in the Jira interface, and their behavior with texts, icons, custom icons, tooltips is quite inconsistent, leading to inconsistent interface and UX.

For example:

  1. Location “jira.issue.tools” does not support icons - unless you use the undocumented param “iconClass”?! That way you can use AUI icons, but not custom icons.

  2. Location “jira.navigator.pluggable.items” does not support text (that’s by design, I guess), supports icons, but only custom icons?! So I want a consistent look with other locations (that support AUI icons only), then I have to save the AUI icon into an image file and insert that image here… Weird.

  3. Location “view-actions-print” does not support icons?! It does not allow tooltips, either?!

Why isn’t there a consistent behavior, like ever web item supporting custom icons and tooltips?
(I can understand that certain location will not support text due to lack of space.)

There are quite some visual glitches, too:

  1. Tooltips of my buttons are rendered as native browser tooltips, while the tooltips of other built-in buttons in the same screen have “AUI tooltip2” style tooltips. Is it possible to make them consistent?

  2. When I click built-in buttons, those turn into some “active” style (dark background). My buttons never look like that. Is it possible to make them consistent?

Am I missing something (docs, sample app, etc.)?
(In contrary, working with Jira Server/DC we were able to build interfaces that cannot be distinguished from the built-in UX.)


I also have one: I’ve been using the awesome web fragment finder from Wittified and I noticed that the atl.jira.proj.config.header web fragment location behaves differently on some of the lira project settings pages. In some cases, the header disappears behind the navigation sidebar.

Also, not all iframes get resized, even though there is a ac-content item

All other Connect developers that are annoyed by these (which probably includes everyone), please vote on the request here: [ACJIRA-1670] - Ecosystem Jira

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