Difficulties with Using the Atlassian Form Example

Dear Atlassian Developer Community,

I recently attempted to use the Atlassian Form example code provided in the documentation, but unfortunately, it did not work as expected. I followed the instructions carefully, but the code failed to function correctly. I would like to ask if there are any tools or resources available that could help me utilize the Atlassian Form correctly.

Additionally, I tried using the provided “To-Do” app example, but I found it to be of little use. I would greatly appreciate any advice or assistance that the community can offer me regarding these issues.

Thank you in advance for your help and guidance.

Best regards,

Farah Helali


Hi there,

Exactly today I also had problems to understand the documentation of the Atlaskit Form Element. If your error is: “children is not a function”, you have to define “formProps”.
I don’t know why but I left out all the declarations of “formProps” and the “children” function. Only when I inserted them, everything worked:

<Form onSubmit={(data) => submitHandler(data)}>
    {({ formProps }) => (
        <form {...formProps}>
            // EXAMPLE ELEMENT:
            <Field name="example">
                {({ fieldProps }: any) => (
                    <Select {...fieldProps} name="exampleSelect" label="select" options={[yourOptions]}>

I hope this example will help you.

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Okay, I’ll try this out.
Thank you

It works, thank you for your help!

@AdrianSomesan I’m also trying to implement a navigation component from Atlaskit. I was wondering if you might have any ideas or suggestions on how to go about it. Thank you in advance

Glad I could help
Would you kindly mark the Post as answer. :slight_smile:


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Well, that’s to little information to help you out. Try to follow the documentation of Atlaskit and if you get stuck open a new topic here.