Disable "Share" in spectific requesttype in JIRA Service Desk

Hello everybody,

i want to disbale the “Share”-Button on one specific requesttype in JIRA Service Desk.

Is that possible?

Hi @antonio.derrico,

I found this question/answer on the Atlassian community that showcases how to disable it globally. I am not sure if it’s possible per request type though https://community.atlassian.com/t5/JIRA-questions/How-to-hide-Share-Button/qaq-p/34966 Hoping that helps.

You may want to ask this question over at http://community.atlassian.com as it more focused to admin type questions like this.


Hi @rwhitbeck ,
Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately, the answer on the Community question you’ve linked to does only concern the sharing feature in the internal issue detail view.
@antonio.derrico would like to know how to disable the sharing feature of Jira Service Desk (in the customer portal).

I’ve just found the suggestion JSDSERVER-4591. You can vote for it to show your interest and maybe it will make it into the product sooner or later.
BUT: There’s a workaround! Unfortunately for your use case, it is only working globally, so you can’t disable the Share button for selected Request Types. :confused:

Here’s how it works:
Open UPM (Manage Add-ons), select “All Add-ons” and search for “JIRA Service Desk” add-on. Expand it and click “x of y modules enabled” to show every single module of the add-on. Now, search for the module “cr-share-request” and disable it.
Afterwards, there should not be a “Share” button in all of your Service Desk customer portals anymore.


Hi @ martin.boehme

I’ve tried the workaround in Cloud - is this specifically for server version? I’d like to remove the option globally