Disappearing Deployments sent from Jira Connect App

Hi all,

I have set up a Jira connect app that installs successfully and submits deployment data using the following endpoint

We’ve seen the deployments partially working, like showing up attached to specific issues. However, we’ve run in to some problems and have had trouble finding the cause.

The Jira Connect app seems to uninstall and reinstall itself automatically. We aren’t sure what is causing the uninstall and would like to ideally avoid it. Also, each time it uninstalls it wipes the data so the next time we install, so we would have to reupload all the deployment data.

We’re wondering if there is best practice for utilizing Jira Connect apps with deployment data that we can follow. And if it’s impossible to avoid the reinstall, what is the best practice for storing the deployment data and reuploading it. We are supporting a large number of teams/boards each with their own data so wondering if it makes sense for us to store the deployment data separately in a db and if it ever uninstalls/reinstalls, we go through the entire db and bulk deploy everything.