Display jira:customField on issue view in Software Project - Team managed

Hi everybody!

I am new to forge development. Basically what i want to achieve is to display a custom field in a Jira Software issue as described here: Announcing support for app issue fields in next-ge... - Atlassian Community

I can see the custom field in a Service Project but not in a Software Project.
This is because it’s necessary to enable the app in the “App Fields” as described in the article above.

What i have to do to display my app in this list and allow custom fields usage?

my manifest.yml:

    - key: input-field-hello-world
      name: input-field
      description: A hello world custom field.
      type: string
        expression: value == null || !!value.match("^[A-Za-z]+$")
        errorMessage: The value must consist only of letters
      readOnly: false
      function: main
        function: edit
    - key: main
      handler: index.runView
    - key: edit
      handler: index.runEdit
  id: ari:cloud:ecosystem::app/63d68b31-7e99-4cee-89c5-da7b9b658b70
    - read:jira-work
    - write:jira-work
    - storage:app
    - manage:jira-configuration
    - manage:jira-project

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Atlassian Developer Community, @Mattia!

If you are asking how to use Forge’s jira:customField module on a team-managed software project, based on the documentation, only company-managed projects are supported.

:warning: This module can only be used in Jira company-managed projects.


Thank you @iragudo!

I saw that… i am wondering how other vendors achieved this feature on team managed projects… like Tempo:

if i enable Timesheets here, i can see custom fields from this module on issues in a team managed project:

…any idea?

Good question, @Mattia. The limitation I mentioned is for Forge’s jira:customField.

For other vendors, it is highly likely that they used the Connect framework to make this possible. As an example, there is the jiraIssueFields Connect module to help with adding a new issue field.

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