Display Jira ID field

I’m trying to find if there is a way to make a JIRA’s id value visible on a view screen. I’m talking about the tickets unique id and not the issue key. We often move tickets around in projects and easily knowing this value would be helpful. I know I can find it by mousing over the edit button. I also know I can filter on it used “id=”. I just don’t know how to give users easier access of see the value.
I can’t find a way to make the id field visible. I also looked at creating a custom field to house the id value, but couldn’t figure out how to extract and set the value as a post create action.
any thoughts or pointers would be appreciated.

I tend to use a ScriptRunner scripted field with simply


as the code. You should be able to use the same in a field add-on or a post-function to set another field.

Seems like the perfect opportunity to develop an add-on that puts a Web Panel in the right-hand sidebar of the View Issue page. The panel could show the issue id.


Nic, Can you elaborate this little more, I’m new to JIRA and i really need this ID visible on the JIRA Form

This question would probably be better suited for answers.atlassian.com, not the development community.