Displaying html page or java results in Jira Server UI

Hi Team,
We are developing plugin with a small functionality, we tried calling java pages by creating servlets and created web item which will be displayed in the plugin section.
When we click on the web item, it calls java class but it redirects to new page instead of displaying on Jira UI.
Help us understand how to can bring our HTML or java content into jira ui like other plugings.

Thank You

For displaying content in existing views you should have a look at the Web-Panel module.

If there is no location available for web-panels where you want to display your content, you will have to find your own way by adding your content via JavaScript.

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Hi Sven,
Thank you for your suggest.
I went through the link which you suggested, but i dint understood much,Can help me out on how to call my java or html file from web panel and also location key to display my item and its result in plugin section.

Web-Panels allow you to render a Velocity template in a location.

Look in the docs or use this app to find available locations.

You can provide a context-provider for your Web-Panel which is basically just a Java Class. There is also an example in the Web-Panel docs.

In the ContextProvider you can execute your Java code and provide context for your Velocity template. In your velocity template you can render your HTML or continue to call methods on Java objects that you passed into its context.

Hi Sven,
Thank you for suggestion, it helped a lot.

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