Distinguish JIRA Service Desk and other JIRA project types

Hi all,
Maybe this is documented somewhere but I couldn’t anything. I am looking for a way to render a panel on the issue view page that behaves differently based on the JIRA project type. Fetching the project via REST API gets me something like "projectTypeKey": "service_desk" but preferably I don’t want to make a API call for this.
Another way I found is to use servicedesk.serviceDeskId context parameter and check if it’s empty for non JSD projects.

What is the recommended way? Would be nice if we could use project.projectTypeKey as context parameter for this purpose but it doesn’t seem to be available.

Thanks for any help or hints!

We provide a project_type condition, which you can use as an “inline condition” context parameter.



Thanks Dave! I kind of expected that this is a solved problem.