Distribute 3LO App

Has anyone successfully distributed a 3LO app for use by anyone other than themselves? The distribute page says

Making your app public will let you distribute the installation URL to people outside your company.

I only need it to work for users in my company, but without making it public, they are unable to authorize the 3LO app to use their account. The page also says

To make your app public, create a 3LO Apps - Beta > Distribute apps using Cloud APIs (3LO) - Beta ticket in the Developer Service Desk.

So I submitted a ticket to make the app public, but I am still unable to click the distribute button even after being told my account has been enabled to do so. I receive a response from the service desk once a week and this has been dragging on for nearly two months. I know that apps are currently in beta, but I would just like to know if anyone has successfully distributed them.

Same problem here,

We would also greatly appreciate it if our ticket regarding 3LO access for our app could be responded to.

Could you please have a look?



Same for me.
Is there a step-by-step updated guide on how to do this?
Also which of the 2 provided URLs should we send to the users who want to access our app?