Distributing forge app via installation link failed

Hi there,

we are trying to distribute our forge apps via installation link, but facing issues with some confluence instances. Somehow there are Confluence instances where it is not able to install these apps. Whereas others have no problems. The apps are all deployed on production stage and are distributed via installation link.

The error message simply says:

cannot be installed on this Cloud instance.

We are using Confluence dev instances and test instances.
Are there any Confluence instance requirements for installing forge apps via installation link?

Thanks in advance

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I am happy to say that we solved the problem. It was just a misunderstanding on how to use the installation link. Some of our coworkers are more familiar with Connect apps and tried to install it by pasting the link into UPM.

So for all Connect people out there: Just open the installation link in your favourite browser! :slight_smile: