Do we have JIRA search API for JIRA agile?

I have the following API: /rest/agile/latest/board/4/sprint. I am looking for a search API that can provide JQL compatability.

Hi @prathyusha.gali,

What are you trying to achieve? The API that you provided will return all of the sprints on that board. JQL is for searching issues. Do you want to search for all issues on that board? Or all issues in a certain sprint?

I want sprints list in a particular date range.

As mentioned in the other threads where you’ve asked this question, JQL is for searching issues and there is no search API for sprints. Jira doesn’t provide an out-of-the-box for grouping sprints by date. As I mentioned in my previous response, the definition of the “date” of a sprint can be interpreted quite differently. I would refer you to the suggestion there or the second one here.