Do you have a success story from building on Atlassian?

:wave: You’re an Atlassian developer, who’s had some great successes building apps and integrations for you, your teams, and/or the Atlassian Marketplace. We’re so lucky to have a network of some freakin’ awesome developers, and we’d like to hear about your experience with building on Atlassian. These stories will help inspire developers globally to build, customize and use apps that make their lives easier. In turn, you’ll receive exposure to our broader user base, increasing awareness and usage of your products.

Our goal is to showcase that you built something impactful for yourself and for others, so these stories can range from tackling low-hanging fruit to building a business. Here’s a recent example from Lizard Brain – check out Vitalii Zurian, CEO of Lizard Brain, talk about how his side project on Atlassian Marketplace turned into a $1M app development company:

BTW, :point_up_2: is an example of the various types of assets that we would consider creating to promote your stories. We’ll determine campaign tactics and distribution on a case-by-case basis.

The process to get started, you ask? Yeah, it’s pretty simple. Promise.

  1. Let me know you’re interested by commenting on this post
  2. I’ll schedule a 20-minute call for us to chat about your experience
  3. Soon thereafter, I’ll send a message with next steps

Ready? Let’s hear ‘em!

:heart: Cheers,

Atlassian Developer Platform


I’m in :slight_smile:

David (founder of Innovalog)


Count me in.

Dmitry, co-founder of Colined


Great opportunity! Please count us, Spartez Software in.


Sounds great. Please count me in, if we are eligible :crossed_fingers:

Co-founder of Sifta (currently in public Beta, not yet on Marketplace)


Our journey into Marketplace Apps started similarly to Lizard Brain - count Automation Consultants in!


Sounds great. Please count me in.


Interested! Alex from Vertuna LLC (dev of ConfiForms and other apps)

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