Do you use Basic Auth REST API calls in your app / integration?

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Do you use Basic Auth REST API calls in your app / integration?

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Yes, but only in local closed network. Don’t remove it please.

We don’t have plans to remove it - we’re just trying to understand who are using them.

Mix of usage of this and other auth methods, but for many cases with ‘Server’ installs, it makes for much quicker and easier API usage that can easily translate to curl CLI usage. That combined with curl and other tool ability to prompt for creds means you can keep working from command line history/etc. without having to worry about anything sensitive being left around in history or on screen.

Are you looking for cloud, data center/server or both?

Jira Server / Data Center (this is in the Jira Server space right?) :smiley:

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We blocked the ability to make requests using basic auth at the nginx level, two-factor authentication is not possible with it.

Is this for Server/Datacenter or Cloud?

You might want to scroll 2 posts up :slight_smile:

Hi! Any one can to explain me, how i can get the user password for basic auth? Thanks!

Hi @yurai, in future it’s better to create a new post for your questions, rather than replying to an existing post.

For Cloud, you can generate a basic auth token as per the instructions at - Basic auth for REST APIs.

For Server, we recommend you use OAuth over basic authentication for most cases. If you want to go ahead with Basic Auth, you’ll need to speak to the site admin to ask for a username / password for a user who has the appropriate permissions on your Jira Server Site.

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