- any alternatives?

I’ve raised this through the Developer Support Portal and brought it up at AppWeeks - but at this point I’m hoping somebody out there has some type of idea of other resources to get server related documentation.

It’s getting quite annoying frankly, but there is either a lot of documentation not being linked to - go to - there’s nothing past Jira 7.6, but if you know where to link it’s there:

Or links are just giving 404’s - for example go to the latest aui docs ( ) and then try to navigate to the 7.0.1 version - .

Does anyone have any suggestions for other resources that we should be looking at because this is getting frustrating.


@daniel - that /index.html is cached and needs to be refreshed/invalidated. #silllyiknow

I’ll dig into what the heck is happening on the AUI docs. Not clear.

Can the Confluence one also be uncached?

And Bamboo…

They’re all stuck with the index of old versions. :frowning:

Is the problem that creating a new space for each version of the documentation is a complex process and some pages get missed?

@mdoar - In the spirit of Open Company, No Bullshit, it’s really a number of issues, where processes complexity is a subset. We’re in the process of addressing that issue by creating standard practices for writing, publishing, and managing documentation.

@daniel - I’ll file a ticket with the team to get those indexes refreshed (and see what can be done to get this done as part of the build / deploy process). The /latest path seems to be reliably pointing to the right place (because it’s a redirect that never got cached by CDN).

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Regarding the 404 for AUI’s 7.0.1 documentation, that’s on me – seems it didn’t get pushed to the site.

Longer term, I want to remove documentation for the patch version of AUI entirely, so we would have just major.minor documentation. The APIs of our components never change in patch versions – only bug fixes occur in them – so in 99% of cases, the docs are exactly the same between patch versions. In the other 1% of cases, the “bug” was the documentation :stuck_out_tongue: