Documentation and Pointers for Moving an App to Bitbucket Server?

I have an app on another repository host that uses webhooks, auth tokens for code clones, and the REST interface for sending feedback and adjusting issues or pull requests. Some potential customers use Bitbucket Server so I’m looking to add such support. It appears there is no full featured “app” interface, no “integrations” for server as there is for cloud, and instead a richer but slower-to-start plugin capability is available. Is that right? (Perhaps not, I just found other companies offer integrations for BBS)

I have a few additional questions I’m hopeful for answers to:

  • Do I need to license bitbucket server to complement my development or is there another solution?
  • For plugin development: Where is the documentation referenced by the changelog for classes such as “WebhookRequestEnricher” - in all of that term only appears in the changelog.
  • If integrations are available for BitBucket Server then where is that documentation?

These questions aren’t readily answered by the resources I’ve found including:

  • The API documentation
  • A plugin development tutorial
  • The 2015 webhooks announcement

Hi Thomas,

That’s correct - Server and Data Center integrations are based on Java plugins for the most part, and Atlassian Connect is not present. Instead the Atlassian SDK will help you set up a plugin - Set up the Atlassian Plugin SDK and build a project

You don’t need a license as the CLI for the SDK has commands to start an instance with a time-bombed license for development.

Bitbucket Server APIs are usually listed in our reference docs, however for that particular one, I don’t believe there is any Java API reference doc exposed. :confused: The source is in the atlassian-webhooks-plugin repo if that helps. I’ll raise an issue for handling this better.

“If integrations are available for BitBucket Server then where is that documentation?” Not sure I follow this question, sorry. If you’re referring to Connect, then it’s not available. We have a few different specific REST-based APIs that you can integrate with remotely (e.g. adding Build Statuses), but they generally require an access token of some kind. We don’t have a reified “Integration” concept just yet (with authentication and authorization nicely bundled), though it’s something we’ve been talking about.


A belated thanks to you. This did answer my questions.