Documentation Updates - June 14th 2018



Hello World demo app is moved to glitch

As part of our continuing effort to support developers and improve documentation, we removed the hello world demo app from the reference app repository and moved it to

The Getting Started article now uses the Hello World app on to more quickly get developers experimenting with the API.

Hello World app

Remix on Glitch

Reference App repository changes

We removed the /hello directory from the reference app and moved the contents of /reference to the base directory.

You’ll need to copy your .env file from the /reference folder into the base directory for your reference app to continue to work.

cp reference/.env .env

Reference App guide

We now have a more focused guide for setting up the Reference app. The reference app is a showcase of Stride’s API and is an excellent resource to use when exploring features and concepts.

Developer Toolkit

In our beta version of the Stride client (version 1.20), we have released some powerful development tools to assist developers working with the Stride platform. Read about Stride’s Developer toolkit and how to activate it.

Message Inspector

Message builder