Does anybody knows what happened to AP.jira.openIssueDialog?

Hi everyone. Today morning AP.jira.openIssueDialog stopped working for me.
Im still having:

Uncaught TypeError: window.AP.jira.openIssueDialog is not a function
    at Object.L [as openIssueDialog] (jira-api.js:81)

I’ve checked and and this function is missing in both scripts.

Does anybody know what has happened since yesterday?
Has it been deprecated maybe or maybe is it a bug?

Any help?


As this is an outage - you should report it over at #marketplace:critical-cloud-incident - or comment on

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Hmm, I don’t have access to mentioned pages. Neither to #markeplace nor to mentioned post. Should I became a member of any group?

Sorry for newbie questions. Any link to documentation or rules how to process such cases?


Can confirm - also affects our app.

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It’s not working for me too!

For those who do not have access to the Marketplace Partner section of this forum, you can apply for access here: Jira Service Management

Not working here either for our app. Think is widespread

It is, see also and