Does app developed with Atlassian forge have some "live-update" feature?

Hi there,

For an app that I want to develop, I will have multiple users joining a session.
Inside of this session, there will be one “master”(the creator) and several slaves.

I need that all the clients push some data to the server and then have those data push to the users as fast as possible.

In non-serverless approach, I would use some websocket on the backend to propagate in “real-time” the actions of other people. But I’m not sure if something is allowing me to do this in Atlassian Forge

I’m quite familiar with Serverless app, and some of them already have some communication bus to still provide update(Azure function triggering some azure service bus, or firebase with its data live update).

Is there something available with Atlassian Forge? I love the serverless/auto-scaling/pay-what-you-use approach, but if my scenario isn’t supported, I will have to use Atlassian Connect instead.

I know I could do some fast polling, but honestly, since this will be some quiz, I need to have a fast reaction, and I don’t want to poll every 50ms for nothing. Polling is really the last-resort option for me, and I would rather implement my own backend than doing something that dirty.

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Hi Julien, unfortunately, Forge doesn’t yet support live interactivity in the way you’re describing. Polling (or Connect) would be your only option at the moment.

It’s something we’d definitely love to bring to Forge in future but it’s not on the current roadmap.