Does Confluence Server has an alternative to the "Custom Content" module for Cloud?

I’ve developed an addon for confluence cloud where i use custom content to store data.

When trying to migrate the addon to a p2 plugin for server, i can’t find any documentation on working with custom content.

Is there a server soloution for creating custom content? (

I’ve built several custom content types for Confluence Server and I do not think there is any official documentation for it. Maybe one day I’ll get around to posting some sample code.

I have found this: There’s some sample code in that answer that helped me when I was starting out.

I learned most of what I needed to know by “creatively investigating” existing plugins that implement custom content types. Unfortunately it is not the most straightforward process.

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Thanks for the reply, although it’s not what i was hoping for :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems like Atlassian is focusing more on their cloud solution, which is a bit sad for devs who are targeting server.