Does forge form select support async options?

Unless I’m doing something wrong, it does not appear forge custom ui supports native react components, like react-select:

For the Forge Select component, I could not find any references to dynamically fetching options asynchronously. Since we are moving to the Cloud (from our server based install) we have a need to develop a single and multi select custom field which can handle 50,000+ possible options. We have this working in our server based install by using aui-select2 and async fetching results.

Is this possible in Forge Custom UI? Any insight and/or tips would be appreciated.


As this does not appear like something we can solve for today, is there a plan to add this ability?
Looking to use an AsyncSelect component, which react does support.

Hey @MichaelGoodnow,

I believe that some form of async select component will likely come in the future. We hope to provide an update next quarter :slight_smile:

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Hi Daniel, just checking back. I admit I haven’t been keeping up-to-date with announcements, but wanted to know if there was any movement in adding the ability for AsyncSelect components?

This is unfortunately a blocker for us to move from server to cloud based JIRA. Thanks.

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Bump …any updates on support soon for AsyncSelect?

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