Does ForgeUI <Link href=''> process relative links correctly?

I previously used markdown for links, and it worked fine with relative links to issues - i.e. /browse/ISSUE-1

Due to Markdown unexpected departure and forced switch to Markup, I noticed that when replacing the markdown syntax with its counterpart using element, even though I provide a relative URL , it is still rendered as “https://browse/ISSUE-1”. The docs say the element should support relative URLs.

Thanks for checking this!

Hi @IgorAndriushchenkp, Jira is behind on some updates to UI Kit so relative links won’t work. We expect the update to come out this week, in the meantime you can test relative links in Confluence — they work the same way as

So browse/ISSUE-1 would give you the directory / current path relative link, and /wiki would give you the origin relative link