Does Jira Cloud no longer support callback-based conditions?


I’m new to Jira development, and have a question about Dashboard Item conditions.

I created an DashboardItem add-on
(based on The add-in installed just fine, but the dashboard item was not available to add to my dashboard. (It was not shown on the “Add a gadget” list.)

That example includes a callback-based condition:

	"conditions": [
			"condition": "/condition?view={dashboardItem.viewType}&dashboard={}&dashboardItem={}"

I discovered that when I removed the callback-based condition - for example, replace it with “user_is_logged_in” - it worked.

Looking again at the DashboardItem documentation (, I realized the current documentation doesn’t show any examples of callback-based conditions.

It looks like Jira Cloud previously supported callback-based conditions, but no longer does… but I’m new to Jira development, so I’m not certain that I understand this correctly.

Am I interpreting this correctly, that Jira Cloud previously supported callback-based conditions, but no longer does?

If so, is there any documentation or blog post about this? (Since this is a breaking change, and affects pre-existing examples that newbies like me are likely to try…)

Thank you!

Hi @mitch.terlisner

The callback based conditions you are referring to were called “Remote conditions” and they were removed some timeago. Back then the prefined conditions were rather limited, entity properties didn’t exist, but there are a lot more conditions now and Jira expressions provide a powerful option.



Thank you!

If anyone from Jira sees this…
The Dashboard Item documentation ( points to an example ( that’s broken because it still has a remote condition. I recommend you update the example to work, or point to a new example. Currently this is an obstacle to anyone trying to follow the example. Just a suggestion.

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@mitch.terlisner can you open an issue on that page with that feedback so it does, in fact, get in front of the right people:

Much appreciated!

However you don’t need to open an issue as it looks like two issues were already opened based on this thread. Thanks for letting us know.