Don't be a stranger

Hi folks,
Just wanted to send a quick note to the community to let you know I’ve joined a new team at Atlassian! I’m extremely excited to tackle a new challenge within the company, but I also wanted to say thank you to all our vendors and developers who have made my last two years working on the ecosystem awesome.
We have an incredible community here, and I’ve never been more confident and excited for what the future holds for our dev platform and marketplace (even if it occasionally looks a little chaotic from the outside :slight_smile: ).
I’ll keep it short, but thank you again for the app weeks, the happy hours, the thoughtful conversations, and of course the amazing people I’ve gotten to meet over the last 24 months.

Don’t be strangers, and I’ll see you at Summit!



Good luck with the new challenge, Miles!

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Thanks Davin! Not going far :slight_smile: