Download Attachment Documentation

Hi, is there any documentation on the potential errors that Confluence Cloud may return when attempting to download an attachment?

I first use the endpoint to get the download URI, but I’m curious as to where to find the documentation for all the errors that may occur from performing a get request on that URI.

Hello @AlanYan
The errors that may occur are stated in the Responses section of that endpoint’s documentation.
If something goes wrong, you will receive one of four possible error response codes.

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Thanks for the response @sunnyape, but those errors are just for the endpoint to get the download URI, right? What about actually performing the GET on the URI we get after calling the endpoint I linked to?

Hello @AlanYan

OK, I understand now. Sorry, but I have no idea.

What is the specific error that you are getting when you are trying to access the URI returned by the Get URI to download attachment endpoint?