Dummy customers on JSD


I’m working on an app where we have our own backend for handling users and we’re just opening issues in JSD via API. We’re internally tracking only the username (we have no need for email), which forces us to create customers with fake (dummy) emails. The users themselves will never open the portal and they don’t even need a valid login for JSD or JSD portal.

What I’m concerned here is, will those fake emails cause any problems for the companies using our app? If I’m not mistaken, I can send a flag along with issue update request to not send out an email, but I’m not aware of such option for Atlassian actions. That would mean that every time there’s an update on a request from a user with a dummy email, there would be a bounce mail. Is that a problem?

Also, is there a way to delete customers? I can see I can’t delete them from Jira either and I don’t see any API route to delete them.

Thanks in advance

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