Duplicate webhook event in case of comment

I have few questions regarding duplicate events which we are getting when there is an comment added in an Issue. Due to a workaround to this duplicate event we are facing a problem.

  1. Case 1 is when user has enabled issue updated and comment create event
    in jira webhook and user comments on the jira tickets (which trigger this
    webhook), we receive two events
    a. “webhookEvent”:“jira:issue_updated”,“issue_event_type_name”:“issue_commented”
    b. “webhookEvent”: “comment_created”

Since we are getting two events and we do not know if the user has
configured both or either of them, we started honoring only
jira:issue_updated event only (to avoid duplicate message being posted).
This case works fine for this case

  1. Case 2 is when user has enabled issue updated event in jira webhook.
    This case also works fine by above workaround (as we get only
    jira:issue_updated event)

  2. Case 3 is when user has enabled comment create event in jira webhook.
    This is when we starts seeing problem as we do not handle this event and
    comments posted in the jira tickets are actually lost and not processed by
    Flock Jira integration.

So my question is how can we determine what is the events user has
configured and is there a way to fix above problem (except keeping state at
our end which we want to avoid). What is the workaround you can suggest or
is there any proper fix to this problem?

If there is some confusion regarding the question, please let me know.

anyone who can help answering this query?



Bug have been filed since 2017 and no fixes implemented. Our company has a large integration that has halted because of this.