Dynamic content macro not displaying inline


I’ve read this Cannot get atlassian connect dynamic macro to display inline and it says the issue has been fixed. But it’s not working for me. Here’s what I’ve tried:

  1. script src="//connect-cdn.atl-paas.net/all.js" data-options=“resize:false”
  2. “outputType”: “INLINE”, in atlassian-connect.json
  3. “width”: “300px”, “height”: “350px”, in atlassian-connect.json
  4. AP.resize(300,350) on document ready.

The root problem is the p tag which encloses the iframe. The p tag is automatically added by Confluence cloud. Why does Confluence add a p tag? If only this can be syled to “display: inline-block”. Can anyone assist?


Ok so in edit mode there is double arrow at the top right corner of the page which the tooltip says make page fixed width. Making it fixed width made inline work.