Dynamic fetch permissions

We would like to extend our Forge app’s fetch sources to include Bitbucket DC instances.
For cloud-based sources we can explicitly define these in the manifest (permissions → external → fetch → backend → ‘https://api.source.com’).
For BB DC, ideally, the user would be permitted to add and authorize custom permissions. However, this does not seem to be possible.
Our app could use a proxy, but this workaround would introduce an extra potential POF and security concern.
Is there a Forge feature/config to handle this use case and I’m just not seeing it? Or is there a recommended approach?


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Why don’t you just allow all URLs?

        - '*'

This is totally acceptable and recommended, and it shows up like this to your end users in the consent screen:

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Thanks for the response! We would prefer dynamic, so the user can control what is being accessed. But until that is implemented in forge this seems to be the best/only option.


hi all, I would also like something like the Allowlist on Confluence Data Center, where the user can define what domains are allowed. But thanks for sharing this, I was to afraid to use the all matching asterisk ^^

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