Dynamically change document.title for generalPages

Is it possible to update the title of a page from within an app? AP.history does not seem to provide this functionality.

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Nope. We’re limited to the static descriptor entry.

Do you know if there are any plans to implement this? It doesn’t look like a complicated feature, yet, can be quite important for SPA-like apps.

Depending on what you’re trying to do - you can mimic things using conditions to have multiple page entries. (Probably not what you want). The other alternative is to break out of the iframes and have your own standalone app outside the iframe.

We show a collection of issues on our own boards. The boards are completely user defined like Jira projects. I want to put the name of the selected board to the page title so that if the user has multiple tabs with different boards, he can easily navigate between them. So it doesn’t look possible to mimic this behavior with multiple entry points.

By “break out of the iframes” you mean just have a separate website outside Jira, right? Yeah, it is an option and we might implement it some time later, but still for Jira users it is more convenient to have an iframe inside Jira.

Thank you for the help!