EAP 01 for Jira 8.1 is here!

We are happy to announce the release of EAP 01 for the upcoming Jira 8.1 and with it several noteworthy features such as the first edition of issue archiving, component archiving, or new avatars.
You can look up the full list here.

To download this EAP, follow this link. Alternatively, if you use maven.atlassian.com, grab milestone 8.1.0-m0002.

If you have any feedback for this EAP, just leave us a comment under this post.

Your Jira Team

@mmichalak is there some publicly available Javadoc for the current milestone?


‘Issue details’ panel is resizable on Scrum/Kanban boards

Doesn’t work while using maven components.

And there is a bug introduced in 8.0


Hey hey,
we are currently working to make them public so they should be available in the next couple of days.

Yup, we looked into the issue detail panel and it required a small update on our side. We’ll re-launch it in eap 02.