EAP of DVCS Connector for Jira

Hi Community!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve released an EAP of the DVCS Connector app. The goal of this release was to solve scaling problems for enterprise customers with a large number of organizations and repositories, and we think we’ve just made this happen. If you had any issues with the DVCS Connector app’s performance, feel free to test this app and give us some feedback.


Here are some highlights of this release, you can find more details in the linked documentation.


  • Improved logging being exposed by the plugin to aid in root cause analysis of production issues.
  • Introduce the Atlassian profiling framework to allow customers and support teams to profile sync operations.

User interface

  • Add pagination to repository lists and organizations/accounts, and limit it to 100 elements.
  • Collapse organizations on page load and lazily load when expanded
  • Improve loading mechanisms to improve performance


  • Move away from performing full syncs to pull in all historical data by default, but instead leave it as an option for users
  • Move from polling to event-driver architecture


  • Add GitLab as an account in DVCS Connector

Downloads and documentation

We’re distributing the EAP as an .obr file that you can upload to your Jira instance. For more details and instructions, see DVCS Connector EAP.

Leave us some feedback!

We’re still working on improvements for the DVCS Connector, so we’d love to hear your feedback to make it even better. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them here, and we’ll get our best people to answer them.

If you encounter issues, you can also open a support ticket. The EAP is outside of scope of Atlassian support, but we might be able to help and troubleshoot together.