EAP or timeline for UIKit improvements?

I’ve been patiently waiting for improvements to UIKit. There are a few Trello items I’ve been watching closely:

Is there an EAP available or imminent? I really want to use UIKit for my latest project but it’s disappointing in its current state. Thought I would check on this before going full-bore on Custom UI.

Hey, we’ve just run an EAP but we’re taking some time now to go through the feedback and tweak a few things. We’re also making sure performance etc is at the level we want before opening it up to production apps.

I don’t have a date yet for when we’ll launch the preview so if you’re building your app now perhaps best to go with Custom UI.

Thanks for the update. Looking forward to this, I hope it will be better. Sounds like I should go with Custom UI.

Curious, how did you find participants for the EAP? I ask because I would have liked to participate and I didn’t see any announcement. I really hope you guys cast a wide enough net for feedback. It concerns me because some smart person at Atlassian gathered feedback and did user research and then produced the current state of UIKit. The current state of UIKit is incredibly limiting and disappointing. It feels like it was designed to showcase a secure way to embed a React app in Atlassian products rather than build useful add-ons.