Easiest way to fail a build based on a code coverage report

I’m working on the build system for a new .Net Core project. It’s successfully using Coverlet and the .Net tool ReportGenerator to produce a Clover-format report to hand to Bamboo, but it looks like Bamboo doesn’t have any facilities for acting on that information, only for presenting it.

I’m looking for is a test coverage parser that I can use to enforce minimum coverage levels at integration time. Since I can produce a Clover-format coverage report (the clover.xml that I give to Bamboo), I thought I would be able to use the OpenClover “clover-check” Ant task to read that report in and enforce the coverage level I set in the build.xml (which we’re not using for any other purpose, since it isn’t a Java project).

But it seems like it won’t support that though, only running on output it produces itself, not the clover.xml coverage report. Can anyone recommend any other tools that let you specify minimum coverage levels as easily and flexibly as the clover-check Ant task does? I’d like to be able to specify an overall coverage level, and still be able to provide exemptions (by package, class, method, whatever’s needed).