Ecosystem Roundup - App Week, Confluence Server, and Tooling updates

The fourth installment of Ecosystem Roundup has hit the Developer Blog. In this series, we pull together all the smaller news items that normally would get lost in the flow of bigger news. Check out the latest on the upcoming App week, Confluence EAP and Enterprise Release, AMPS and Atlassian Connect Spring Boot Framework updates.

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Thanks @rwhitbeck, these blogs are really helpful to stay up to date, catch up on things I’ve missed, or if I have seen them all to know with confidence I haven’t missed anything important.


Thanks for the feedback @tim, I’m glad to hear that you’re getting value out of these.

Let me know if I miss anything. I want to know what you guys are finding valuable that I’m not offering to you.

For instance, I missed communicating Jira Server 7.7’s release last month and @daniel let me hear about it in a 2-hour long phone call :wink: (maybe it was a 2 line text message but it felt like 2 hours)

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