EditAnnouncementBanner with Atlassian SDK

I see code in the JIRA javadoc for editing the announcement banner, but those classes do not appear in the Atlassian SDK. How was it done before it was in the API?

Hi @robertegan305

please check this post [scriptRunned] how can I set AnnouncementBanner it may be helpful


I am not entirely sure why, although I have a theory that it’s because the Atlassian SDK is so out of date (It is currently at JIRA version 7.13), but APKeys.JIRA_ALERT_HEADER does not seem to be in ApplicationProperties.

I changed the version number in my pom.xml to 8.12.0 and ComponentAccessor.getApplicationProperties().getText(APKeys.JIRA_ALERT_HEADER) still returns null. Do I need to initialize something? ComponentAccessor.getApplicationProperties().getKeys().size() returns 111. So there are some properties there. Just not the one I want.

Last Entry. Poking into the Pico container, most of the classes that do the work appear to be either INTERNAL or internalInstanceOf. So despite being part of the API, it is not a part that can be used by plugins.