Editing app listing once approved


Wondering if there a way to edit the details of app-listing in the marketplace (after approval of app, but before releasing the app). We would like to edit hero listing and add additional screenshots. Sincerely appreciate any pointer.


@miles can you help out @ushur?

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Hi @ushur - Check out our documentation on managing your app listing here:

Note that there are two spots you can update app information after clicking “Manage app” from your app listing page:

  • App level - By clicking the “Details” tab
  • Version level - By clicking the “Versions” tab and selecting the most recent version

What’s the difference between app level and version level information?
In the Atlassian Marketplace, the app level encapsulates information that doesn’t change. For example, the name, the vendor, the key, etc. wouldn’t change between app versions. The version is a downloadable artifact (usually a JAR file) that represents a single release. Each version can have different screenshots, release notes, and compatibility information.

If you’re having trouble accessing any of the above, make sure your account admin has set you up with the correct permissions. I’ve included a link to the documentation below:

Hope this helps!



Thanks miles…we will take a look at it and get back.

Thanks Miles. We went through the links and documentation your provided. Observed that the app version tab, which lists the latest version of our app, does not seem to have any option to edit (even with admin privileges). Attached is the screenshot of the version tab. Can you please let me know how to enable version level editing?

Also, does version level editing enable us to add more screenshots and change existing descriptions?