Editing users with the cloud REST API

I’m working on some automation, part of which should create/manage Atlassian cloud users. Already the create aspect is working, but the editing aspect does not seem to be working.

I found this https://confluence.atlassian.com/jirakb/user-management-rest-api-changes-in-jira-cloud-858756548.html which references an experimental PUT request for editing users, but I can no longer find this in the api docs, so is it safe to assume this is no longer a feature?

Thanks for any assistance.

Hi @ldonley,

Methods marked as EXPERIMENTAL may change without notice. If the editing part is not working for you, then feature might have been turned off. User management via REST API are carefully implemented as they affect the pricing of an instance. Hope this helps.

Anne Calantog

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It clearly says on your linked page that editing users via API is not supported, was removed, and Atlassian was looking into supporting Atlassian Accounts via API.