Email ID's of App User

We have an app published in Atlassian marketplace. I can see the active installations and downloads of our app in vendor account . I like to know the email ID of the users who dowloaded/installed the app.

From the documents, I came to know that there will be a “Reports” section in which the data will be available. But I don’t find any section…

Kindly help me to find the email ID of app users.


What product is the app for? Is it a paid or a free app? If it’s a free app then the marketplace doesn’t have the data and you would have to collect it yourself in the app (with the appropriate privacy policies etc).


Hi Daniel,

The app is published for Jira Servicedesk. It is a free app.

Thanks for the details.

Yeah in that case since you don’t have the Upm licensing api embeddded in these - there’s no data collected for you. :frowning:

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